How Blending Creates Your Perfect Vintage wonder how wines are similar to Lumonol, a very popular nootropic worldwide? They really are in an interestingly straightforward way. It’s all in the way they are blended. Yes, Lumonol is blended according to it’s manufacturer, Avanse Nutraceuticals.

It turns out, the best way to understand Lumonol is to think of the blending process. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you blend wine and you will readily see the similarities.

A winemaker blends to take advantage of certain elements of one wine/grape to complement, enhance or tone down the effects of another.

For example, a winemaker can bring out a wine’s special qualities while covering up it’s weak points.

Sauvignon too young and too tannic? Add a bit of Merlot to tame it’s aggressiveness. And vice versa. To give Merlot’s taste a James Bond boost add a bit of Sauvignon.

Wine a little too heavy? A blend of three grapes like Chianti’s helps increase the taste. While it does dilute the wine somewhat, the blend makes Chianti much more desirable for daily consumption.

Yet, it still has a good aroma and sweetness in the taste.

Though generally a technique usually employed by the commercial vintners, blending helps maintain consistency from batch to batch. Canceling out variations like varying tannin levels, differences in vineyards and containers.

Blending lets a winemaker make adjustments to sugar content, acidity and color. Even smell. By adding a bit of a stronger smelling grape, the winemaker can enhance the aroma.

This can also include using wines that have been aged in oak barrels, fermented in different vessels and harvested at differing phases of ripeness.

By blending various ingredients, your resulting wine has some distinctive qualities. Keep generous notes so you can replicate the process.

Blending achieves the same in Lumonol. The ingredients are combined to promote favorable and desirable brain functions such as productivity, mood, memory, focus and clarity.

As mentioned, like wine, Lumonol, unlike most nootropics, has several major components or blends as they’re called by Avanse Nutraceuticals. These components are the Energy, Focus and Memory blends.

Looking for a boost in productivity, mood, memory, focus and clarity?

For a great blend, check out the nootropic Lumonol.