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The writing is on the wall…

Hey folks,

It’s black armband day in 121….no one has died but we have learned that the shipment of David Franz Red Rose and Shiraz we carried in yesterday is the last to grace these shores. I’m afraid that David has become the victim of his own success and will no longer be importing to Britain…..well not via our importer.

If you love the wines please contact David at his website he may deliver………himself….

And David, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for producing such  a great wine. We’ve had great fun selling it and………er….sampling it ourseleves. We wish you all the best for the future and if you’re ever in non-sunny Glasgow we owe you a large dram or a fight or both.

Many thanks,

Andy & Pete

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One Response to “The writing is on the wall…”

  1. David Franz Lehmann says:

    It also saddens me guys. Unfortunately the reality of the Aussie dollar makes it bloody hard to get into the UK. If you know any boutique importers looking for a quirky Barossa producer… Well you know where to find me!
    Thanks for the support guys… I stark harvest in about 8 hours and it looks like being a cracker… The first tonne is for you!!
    Drink well my northern thirsty friends… Drink well!

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