Can I Mix Noopept Capsules and Wine?

With the ever increasing workload many of us have taken on, it’s not uncommon to come across new tactics to help stay ahead of the competition no matter where it comes from.

If you’ve considered the possibility of using Noopept as a cognitive booster, there are some things you will want to take into consideration if you are a wine lover.

1. Should Noopept to be taken with alcohol?

Noopept was originally created to combat the damaging effects on the brain caused by alcohol and drug abuse. There’s no readily available advice against Noopept and alcohol being used together.

According to sources, there don’t appear to be any documented adverse interactions that exist between the two. But because Noopept appears to mitigate the effects of alcohol, it’s possible that you could drink more than you normally would while using the supplement.

This is because you won’t be feeling the effects of the alcohol as strongly while Noopept is in your system. Though this does vary from person to person, so use with care.

2. Can Noopept be used as a hangover cure?

Quite possibly, because the supplement’s main use is as a recovery and repair agent for the damage caused to the brain by alcohol and drug abuse. While it hasn’t been completely proven, some studies show that Noopept presents some protective properties that are beneficial to the brain.

Taking Noopept in capsule form is extremely convenient. Here’s a review to learn more about Noopept and how to buy Noopept Capsules.

3. Should you take other supplements in addition to Noopept?

Yes, there are actually two that you should take. Alpha GPC which is a choline supplement and magnesium threonate. The choline helps balance the effects of Noopept while combating the one main side effect – headache. Magnesium is generally in short supply in the body anyway, alcohol can deplete the mineral even faster.

4. What vitamins and minerals need to be replaced?

While Noopept may serve as a hangover cure, also remember that you want to replenish the vitamins and minerals that you lost while drinking.

• Magnesium
• Zinc
• B12
• Choline

This should help you retain your passion for wine while pursuing excellence in your job and life.